MattyD - What Natural Hard Work and Proper Nutrition Will Get YOU!

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I'm now less than 1 month from turning 42...March 27...I became addicted to training, losing weight especially, at age 16-17 at 5' 7, 265lbs!! Been training since! Currently I'm 6ft, 176lbs.
This is my all year, maintenance physique and I train (I don't exercise, workout, lift weights, etc!)...I TRAIN! 7 days per week, cardio everyday as well...I cook all my own meals, buy my own groceries, make my own shakes as well.
I would love to have someone record me in the gym for a week so I can show you all what I do, how I do and how you can too but it's tough at 4am weekdays for average mortals lmao! But I do want to get some recorded and hopefully soon I can do that.


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