Iran Boeing Hoax-Last Nail in Missile Theory

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WOW! The Fake News is coming up with more BS! This just came out a couple hours after I uploaded this video! Iran claims they shot down this phony Boeing. Check out how they spliced this latest "Boeing Crashing Down in a straight trajectory" Video (see 1:00 mark). Then, the later go on to show a Missile taking off and landing (1:28-1:35 marks), and what's the odds that they both look alike?!?! If the Boeing was shot down by a Missile, why does the Video of the Boeing coming down look just like their Missile Video blowing up on the ground in 1:35?!?! I have No Idea what Iran and US are up to with this fake General Death and now this Fake Boeing crash, but I'm sure someone is going to make lots of money on it. It could be to justify more overlord control on our freedoms, and Iranians. Who knows!


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