Death Camps for Kids

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Always Homeschool your kids! Homeschooling is legal in all states (some might require more paperwork). Get a Homeschool Affidavit or Unsworn Declaration form. If you are concerned about your affidavit getting to the right person once you’ve mailed it, or having to go from office to office if you go in person, you can call your district’s main administrative office, and ask them where they’d like you to submit it.

Reasons for Unschooling.
-NO school propaganda designed to distract your kids from the real world.
-NO Vaccines and immunization (bioweapons, design to destroy your child’s health)
-NO Pesticides, Preservatives, Wax Coatings, Artificial Dyes and GMO’S in food
-NO Wireless Radiation.
-NO Fluorescent or LED lights.
-NO body scanners. It’s already here:


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