"We haven’t been to space." U.S.S.R. Cosmonaut Igor Volk (Confirmed)

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Taboo Conspiracy:
Does the fact that former U.S.S.R. cosmonaut Igor Volk admitting in 2014 that no one has been to space prove the earth is flat? Well, not necessarily, but it certainly evinces that all claims related to space are fake and it demolishes the number one proof of the globe. Furthermore, it proves that BIG lies are not only possible but are happening right now. The space deception is everywhere and permeates all major institutions including academia, enforcement agencies, governments, media, and religious institutions. This information from a brave whistle blower should be shared everywhere! Everyone should know the name Igor Volk. You can watch my old video, which also includes the admission by another cosmonaut, Mirosław Hermaszewski, that the earth is flat - It’s unlisted right now but I’ll make it public in a few days.

Igor Volk Obituary:


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