Is Dat You Dead D.C. Billy!

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Thanks gwo4life. Yes indeed Billy might have been involved with the Boulder Colorado FAKE SHOOTING. It’s just too bad we have such a vast difference in conditions with lighting etc. etc. etc. ... Constitution Ave., that close to the Capitol will have dozens of video cameras monitoring everything. They’ve had plenty of time to show us a clip of Billy getting creamed by the evil car driver. No video, then why should you believe that just because a car crashed into a cement barrier that it injured one officer & killed another. If you do eventually see a video will it be clever or sloppy CGI. Joe Biden is a crook, a scammer and a liar. There’s a big difference between him & Trump. Anybody who claims they’re both the same has rocks in his head.
Finally: You can’t tell me that the acting police chief and a number of others will come out in front of the public, tell bold face lies and do it for nothing. They have to be spreading a lot of cash around to get everybody on the same page. Just how much is anybody’s guess. Joe Biden is a disgusting scammer that needs to be sent home.


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