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BIO-PHYSICIST LECTURE - Elephant in the Hospital+
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The American Academy of Pediatrics is guilty of withholding crucial information from the public - deliberately concealing the well-known structure and function of the foreskin. This vital information was once included in the AAP pamphlet, but was later deleted from subsequent editions without explanation. Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. inquired eight times to four AAP officials about this deletion, and concluded there was "no coherent explanation." You can read his correspondence with them at this link...

There are MANY reasons circumcision - particularly of minors - should be scrapped as the archaic and barbaric practice it is.

*Saying "to each their own" & claiming "personal choice" in the context of denying your child the right to make decisions on which of THEIR body parts they get to keep based on your preferences or interpretation of your religious beliefs seems more than a bit hypocritical & ironic.

*Circumcision is a personal decision that rightfully belongs to the person the genitals belong to, as THEY must live with the consequences, assuming they survive.

*Assisting your child in cultivating a positive sense of self worth is a healthier approach to countering bullies who would body-shame them than forcing cultural body-shaming onto them & declaring that their body is inherently flawed through justifying the amputation of part of their genitalia.

*Your child’s body doesn’t need to be altered to match anyone else’s. They are unique individuals & if a circumcised father wants his son’s penis to match his own, then rather than risking his son’s life to forcibly surgically modify his infant body, he can (partially) restore his own foreskin.

*Many believe that their faith requires circumcision, however there are faith-based arguments to refuse the practice of circumcising minors, which violates their human rights & freedom of religion.

*Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Nobody has the right to do violence to or violate the rights of another because of their beliefs.

*Tearing off a highly innervated, functional piece of another person’s genitals without consent is forcing your beliefs on them to such an extreme it’s literally being carved into & out of their flesh.

*At best, circumcision could be called a cosmetic procedure, but even that is overly generous, as cosmetic procedures are not intended to alter or impair function - which circumcision does.

*Claims of any benefits are a racket - unless you’re counting sexually nerfing someone as a benefit, as it was viewed back when sex and masturbation were commonly considered evil.

*Parents are OFTEN told inaccurate information by western trained doctors regarding the anatomy & care of intact males.

*Parents are often NOT aware that between 70-80% of men in the world are intact, without suffering from the laundry list of afflictions western medicine attributes to retention of the foreskin.

*Circumcision endangers the child’s life, & introduces the risk of hemorrhaging, accidental castration, infections, & all manner of complications including death.

*Western "complications" of foreskins are often iatrogenically induced - caused by forced retraction of minor’s foreskin, which should never be done, yet is often carried out or advised by healthcare practitioners trained in "western medicine" who have not been properly educated on penile and foreskin anatomy.

*Doctors will often falsely tell parents that their baby’s foreskin being fused to the glans needs to be retracted, that it is too long, &/or that it is a problem - which is not the case, & such false information causes harm.

*The foreskin is naturally fused to the glans during childhood, & should NEVER be forcibly retracted - which doctors advise parents to do, injuring their sons, causing the very problems they say circumcision prevents & treats.

*Males are born with physiological phimosis - which is perfectly healthy, natural, & part of how the penis protects itself during childhood. Foreskin naturally becomes retractable between infancy & early adulthood. It should never be forced.

*Pathological phimosis is completely different, & tends to be caused by injuries resulting from forced retraction of the foreskin. It can generally be addressed with non-invasive measures.

*Prior to circumcision, baby’s penises are rubbed down with alcohol to kill surface bacteria, and as a means of manual stimulation to cause erections - which make it easier for physicians to tear their foreskin from the glans.

*Parents are often led to believe infants sleep through circumcision, when they are in fact comatose - having gone into shock from the pain - sometimes from the initial separation of the foreskin from the glans, which is excruciating.

*There is no comparison between personal grooming such as trimming hair and nails, which have no nerves and grow back, with the - often excruciating - permanent amputation of an important, highly innervated portion of the genital anatomy that has many glands, nerves, & functions of its own.

*You cannot alter the form without changing the function.

*Circumcision removes an organ designed to protect the glans & facilitate a gliding action which assists in a smoothness to sexual intercourse & masturbation.

*While circumcision desensitizes the penis, it can actually contribute to premature ejaculation as severing the nerve pathways between the foreskin and the spinal cord takes away feedback mechanisms and gives you less ejaculatory control.

*Removing the foreskin can cause both immediate & long term complications including chordee, iatrogenic hypospadias, glanular necrosis, glanular amputation, epidermal inclusion cysts, suture sinus tracts, penile adhesions, erythema, induration, pain out of proportion to physical findings coupled with tachycardia, leucocytosis, bandemia phimosis, buried penis, degloving injuries, urethrocutaneous fistulae, meatitis, meatal stenosis, painful erections, curvature of the penis, erectile dysfunction, & painful intercourse.

*Circumcising is not cleaner, & subjects babies to having an open wound on one of their most sensitive parts, frequently being exposed to urine, feces, & petrochemical lubricants intended to prevent their injuries from sticking to the diaper & being torn open.

*Circumcisions can result in severe infections, including necrotizing fasciitis. As in adults, this is usually a polymicrobial infection.

*It does NOT prevent STDs, & convincing people that it does, increases the risk of them engaging in unprotected sex, mistakenly believing that circumcision protects them. Studies claiming otherwise tend to be carried out using sketchy methods in Africa.

*Penile cancer is incredibly rare, & your child has a greater chance of dying as a result of circumcision than ever needing one.

*Having a child, does not grant carte blanche to sexually violate them, or many a pervert could fall back on that excuse for exploiting their children.

*Any unnecessary surgery on children constitutes statutory child abuse & violates the most basic of human rights - the right to the security of one’s person.

*Using tissue that was removed without the consent of the person it belonged to for transplants does not justify violating the body or the human rights of the person that tissue was stolen from.

*A baby’s inability to consciously remember the event years later, is no more a justification than it would be for drugging and assaulting someone who had no recollection of the event.

*Infants are not only capable of feeling pain as intensely as older people, but have shown to be hypersensitive to it.

*The trauma of circumcising an infant has been shown to create lasting, negative changes in the brain.

*The chance that a caretaker might neglect or abuse someone during old age is not a justification for depriving them of an important, functioning part of their anatomy prior to the age of consent.

*Intact penises are not inherently dirty, & no more in need of butchering for hygiene than a vagina.

*Butchering a baby’s penis to "keep them clean" is insanity, & makes about as much sense as cutting off an infant’s eyelids to keep their eyeballs clean, or doing similar with their fingernails when cleaning their hands.

*You don’t clean a baby’s vagina by inserting anything into it, tearing at the tissue, & cutting parts of it away.

*That would be a violation, & a sexual assault.

*Likewise, with an intact infant’s penis, the general rule is - Only clean what is seen.

*No need to retract or amputate an infant’s foreskin, which is painful & can cause complications, as well as creating paths for infections to be introduced.

*No butchery required, & it’s much less invasive, than people in the west have been led to believe by the medical establishment.

*Justifying forced genital modifications for male minors while criminalizing it for females, denies males the human right to enjoy their body in its entirety, as well as the right to equal protections under the law.

*Upon reaching adulthood, males in the United States who were born after 1997 & circumcised without their consent can sue their parents and the doctor who performed the procedure.

*Attempting to silence females who speak out on the issue is a misogynistic & disingenuous copout as the violation of people’s human rights & bodily integrity is NOT a gender specific issue.

*I would like to make it clear, that I am not looking to shame circumcised men, or parents that have circumcised their children under the belief that they were doing what was best for them.

*People have been lied to for generations over this, & many other topics. I’m trying to help share educational material with people, & help break the cycle.

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Why is it socially frowned upon to bully people over sexuality or body shame women, yet no one seems to think twice when engaging in the same types of behavior regarding males who are intact? What magically makes such cruelty & bigotry acceptable?

There is nothing inherently gross, wrong with, or defective with the male body in its natural, unaltered state & claiming otherwise is sexist body shaming.

Those who are having their foreskins forcibly removed are having their human rights to bodily integrity & equal protections under the law violated, & therefore are prohibited from being able to exercise their right to auto-determination - due only to their gender.

Boys and girls alike: The ethics of male and female “circumcision”

NOCIRC Amicus Curiae Brief


Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity
Policy Statement Ch10

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Cutting off part of a helpless person’s body to suit our preferences would obviously be wrong for anything else - but people have blinders on whenever our present institutions tell them something is beneficial.

Do we view forced mutilation (proper terminology - not shaming) as a method of hygiene for any other body part?

First, do no harm & if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Re-framing the mutilation of an infant as a parental rights issue is disingenuous, & completely overlooks the fact that the baby is a human being with rights of their own.

Parental rights, do not grant the authority to take unnecessary liberties with another’s body or sexuality - such as forcing risky, potentially lethal procedures - violating, mutilating, & removing an important, integral part of their sexual anatomy - permanently altering & impeding its natural functions.

Human Rights


Freedom, bodily integrity, & informed consent.
There is no debate.

Doctors have a duty to first, do no harm as well as to respect the rights & personal boundaries dictated by informed consent.

If that is violated, then it is battery.

Subjecting people to risky procedures as "preventative measures" violates the oath to first do no harm.

Any sort of attempts at justifying that is a #rapeapologist mentality that is increasingly being pushed via medical rape culture...

Silencing "The Debate"

There’s the side that has always lied, undermined informed consent & pushed dangerous, lucrative rackets - poisoning, butchering, & misleading the populace for generations.

Then there’s the side that argues no one has the right to violate their bodily integrity, to force "treatments", poisons, modifications, or procedures without their express consent.

You do know violating informed consent is kind of... #Rapey, right?

#InformedConsent #HumanRights #BodilyIntegrity

#HisBodyHisChoice #NoMeansNo

#FirstDoNoHarm #i2 #intactivism #foreskinisfabulous #bloodstainedmen #YourWholeBaby #ywb #Dontbesexist #EqualRights #sexism #feminism #WhenIntactDontRetract #circumcision #BodyShaming #GenitalMutilation #StopCuttingBabies #RapeCulture #ChildAbuse #SexualAbuse #GenderedViolence #Misandry

Informed Consent


Lost List

Circumcision’s Psychological Damage

I would question the ethics & knowledge of doctors who push circumcision as medically necessary for anything - especially regarding minors.

There are almost always non-surgical alternatives.

Often times, Western trained doctors give detrimental advice to parents regarding properly caring for their young, intact sons - telling them to forcibly retract the foreskin to clean under it.

That is actually NOT the proper way to clean a little boy’s penis.

The foreskin is naturally fused to the glans, for many years of their early lives, as a means of protection & preventing infection.

Telling parents to retract it, causes them to inadvertently harm their children, & often causes the very complications that doctors then recommend circumcision for.

Western "medicine" teaches healthcare practitioners almost nothing about the foreskin, aside from various ways to remove it.

I would challenge testing the knowledge of any healthcare practitioner claiming circumcision is beneficial to explain the anatomy & functions of the foreskin, how to care for an intact infant, & what is lost to circumcision. If at any point they suggest that forced retraction is necessary to clean an infant’s penis, their education is lacking.

Basic Care of the Intact Child

Forced Retraction - What Now?

We’ve been lied to about many things for generations & our children are paying the price...

Who owns your body? Your child’s? Who has say in an accident or serious complication?

What if your child is intersex, &/or the other, possibly estranged parent wants to amputate their healthy penis, & reassign the child’s sex due to differences of opinion, preferences, or even malicious intent?

Boy or girl?

Haven’t seen gender reassignment come to conflict between parents... yet.

Only takes one parent’s consent. What if your child becomes a pawn for people with malicious, financial, scientific, &/or political agendas?

Should courts be further empowered to practice medical tyranny - negating individual rights to bodily integrity & informed consent - allowed to order dangerous, non-therapeutic procedures, or amputations?

Legal battle #SavingChase

Every child deserves bodily integrity - free from arbitrary, risky, non-therapeutic procedures, mutilation, or modifications.

Informed Consent?

Nursing conflicts

Sex, Breasts, & Babies

Ballooning & Phimosis


Circ Quotes

"What are benefits of not circumcising?"

Foreskin Advantage

Circumcision wtf?!

Well, for starters, you get to keep your "sheath" & it protects you.
It prevents abrasive materials like clothing from rubbing & chaffing the delicate skin of the glans (head) of the penis; comfortable protection as nature intended - similar to way the eyelid protects eyes but...

Unlike eyelids, foreskin has thousands of erogenous nerves. In a guy who still has it, it’s one of his most sexually pleasurable parts - providing smoothness to intercourse & masturbation that men without it do not have - hence rising demand for lubricants & such.

Without foreskin, you not only lose out on all that awesome sexually responsive erogenous area (male g spot), but also lose a number of irreplaceable specialized glands that aid in preventing disease, in addition to experiencing gradual keratinization of the glans. (It gets tougher & callouses due to friction of materials rubbing against it, leading to problems with function that worsen over time & may make sex painful to partners.)

Fortunately, things can be done to help men who’ve been circ’d uncircumcise - though nerve clusters & glands can never be restored - can reverse keratinization of the glans, improve sexual function, & overall comfort."

Human Genital Anatomy 101

US/African Campaign

Learning from Chinese

101 Reasons not to

Misconceptions & Rebuttals

"Just a snip"

"It’s Cleaner!", "Protects from UTIs & HIV."

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Social & Psychological Impact

Sexual Consequences

"Babies don’t feel pain."


"He’d get made fun of."

Social, Sexual, Psychological Realities

Body Image

"He won’t remember."

Brain Permanently Altered

Rape Culture & RICircumcision

"He’ll thank me later."


Tip of Iceberg:Famous men who resent circumcision

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Couples Restore

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