Murder On The Tracks Pt. 1 - The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

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On August 23, 1987 teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry were brutally murdered and their bodies placed on railroad tracks in an effort to conceal their murders. This is the story of what happened that night, the immediate cover-up which reached the highest levels of government, and the admirable, and still on-going, crusade waged by Kevin's mother, Linda Ives, to get Justice for the murders of Kevin and Don. Part 1 of the "All For Justice... And Justice For All" series. As Linda is now retired, it is difficult and costly to keep up her fight. Please feel free to make a contribution towards helping bring this treacherous case to a close, with some Justice finally being served! THE KEVIN IVES/DON HENRY GoFundMe PAGE... Linda Ives appeared on a Reddit AMA on Wed June 7, 2017. Here some of the Q and A with her... Q - "Thanks for doing the AMA! My question is, who are the individuals you feel are the most responsible for the murder and cover up of the boys?" Linda - "Number one on the list as far as killers would be special prosecutor Dan Harmon who orchestrated the murders and cover up. The others I believe were there are Keith Mckaskle, Larry Roushall, Sharline Wilson, narcotics detective kirk Lane, narcotics detective Jay Campbell, and deputy Danny Allen. The list of those directly involved in the coverup not listed already includes deputy prosecutor Richard Garrett, then sheriff Jim Steed, detective Chuck Tallent, detective Rick Elmendorf, Judge John Cole and many, many others who have been willing to look the other way over the years." Q - "Do you think the Clinton's and the CIA drug trade were involved in your son's death?" Linda - "We knew early on that there were drugs drops involved but assumed it was a small local operation. Our focus for many years was on who was there and not where the drugs came from. It wasn't until 1990 that we learned the drugs were being dropped by plane. We were able to locate a pilot, who was interviewed by Jean Duffey (a former deputy prosecutor and drug task force director). He stated he had flown that "route" a number of times and we were able to corroborate geographical information he provided." Q - "Do you think any other state officials or officials in the federal government know the truth about your son's death and are staying silent about it for some reason? If so, who and for what reasons?" Linda - "Both Republicans and Democrats have exposure in the Mena /Iran /contra operation which is why they have been highly successful in the coverup. There are many people that know, in my opinion, especially within the FBI." Q - "Can you share your favorite memory you have of Kevin?" Linda - "Kevin was so in love with his car which was a 1983 blue camaro with T tops. Nearly every day after school he would be in the front yard washing it. So many times I would drive up to see him out there almost stroking it for lack of a better word:)) I also loved to see him put the tops back on after arriving home and he would lean over and look into the side mirror and comb his hair which had been blown from the T tops being down." Link to the full Q and A - ***UPDATE/CORRECTION*** on the information in the movie, about Linda Ives not knowing about the existence of Sharline Wilson's confession letter until 2015. She did know about it, but thought it was discredited, until her Police friend dug it up and found a lot of corroborating evidence in it in 2015. They then went to Casady, who referred them to Wright, and so on.


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