New Zealand Shooting Hoax Planted Magazine Case Closed, maybe!

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A magazine was planted on the floor of the mosque in the hallway before he arrived. OK after watching it 50 times it looks like they tried to blend the mag into the carpet to provide a red herring for us to chase. I could be wrong but that pisses me off. I am not saying conclusively that the mag wasn't placed there, the evidence still leans towards it being there before he entered. I took a couple of screen shots of perfect squares where the mag would be if he dropped it. In the full video at the 6:53 and 6:54 mark look at it frame by frame and you can see the pixel squares. Either way it proves that some heavy editing was performed on the video proving it was a complete hoax. Besides this the entirety of the video is full of so many problems we could make 1000 videos depicting them.


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