A Tribute to Robert Ussery aka Side Thorn

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A real America Patriot who has been tossed in jail and forgotten about. I told Robert yesterday that I didn't think America was worth fighting for anymore because in the end, the people don't want to be free. There are a few of us here screaming for people to awaken but the majority of the world is content where they are. Yesterday I advised Robert and Jodie both of a complete oyher path to take. They both agreed so we will see how it goes. After speaking to a hundred attorneys regarding Robert and Jodie, the underlying facts is this is a gun charge, this isn't about Sutherland Springs. Sutherland Springs looks like it is starting to implode on itself without Roberts assistance. Lets put so much pressure on Sutherland Springs it crashes. Don't forget your prayers for Robert and Jodie. This is hard time they are doing and it was because they were trying to save America. In the doesn't even matter.


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