2020 Fake Ballots From China - Election Fraud Corroboration and Shocking NEW Details Interview

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2020 will doubtless become a turning point in the history of the United States. The massive degree of vote fraud is a crisis. Either the People of the US will insist "no more" and restore the Republic, or the most powerful nation in the world will descend into a quagmire of corruption and fraud.

For background on this story of monumental importance, see the following videos on this channel:

1) 1.5 Million Fake Ballots printed in China - Full report!-V0nAS_jLn7A

2) Poll workers in PA Filling Out Ballots-KBuzrNNILJq1
[These three videos show direct evidence of how the fake ballots were likely used.]

3) 01 Ruby Freeman - Ive Got 50 million Ballots and Children Who Work Ballots - From Her Public Facebook Page - Part 1
02 Ruby Freeman Shows Us All the (Apparently Fake) Ballots - "Shhh don’t tell anybody"
03 Ruby Freeman Receives a Container of (Apparently Fake) Ballots in Private Cubicle to Fill Out 13h a Day
[These three videos also show direct evidence of how the fake ballots were likely used.]

4) Detroit Mystery Ballots into a vote-counting center during the early morning-720

5) Poll Watcher - Ballots have been Turned in with no Names on them-eR34j5nq9afF

There is also testimony that ballots were likely filled in en masse using a photocopy machine to fill in the "vote for" bubbles - probably on just such counterfiet ballots.

These and more related videos can be easily downloaded at;

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Sidney Powell revealed that plane-load of ballots came from China. Witness to give detailed account. How big a problem China(CCP) is to America?

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