Harris County, TX Police Mistaken Intruder Shooting Hoax

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This is a racial division and defund the police psyop

Crisis actress Eboni Pouncy — don’t you love the names they give these idiots? Eboni Pouncy, as in pouncing on a black person— was supposedly shot 5 times and yet miraculously she’s out of the hospital and ready for an interview in no time.

After being shot 5 times, Eboni, who is as big as a house, had the strength to walk back and tell her friend La’Ronda that she had been shot.

The body cam footage is pathetic. As the officers shoot there is no apparent evidence of glass being broken or the outside of the apartment being torn up. There is also no evidence of a person walking into the room where the officers shoot. And, the emptying of so many shots is overkill and clearly intended to make it look like the police went overboard and are in the wrong.

Would you believe the fake shooting took place at 90 Uvalde Road? That’s right, Uvalde. Home of the Uvalde Robb Elementary mass shooting hoax.

Bad crisis acting all the way around on this one.

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