Nashville Explosion - Pyrotechnic Simulation Device? (See Description)

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NOTE - This original explosion analysis video has been superseded by -

The comparison method used by the original source author is not accurate. It uses video frames which are too far apart in time. The newer analysis video is correct.

Bomb simulation mortars make use of a small charge, which blows combustible dust upward from a tube. These are commonly used in Hollywood. From the original analysis video, it appeared that the explosion originated from such a mortar. But as seen in the newer video, it is much more likely that the explosion did radiate from the RV. However it appears to be an explosive of relatively modest power (for a car bomb), enhanced with combustible material to make it seem much larger. The overall explosion was not of a high order. (The Oklahoma City Bombing is a contrasting example of a high-order explosion.) There was no cratering or destruction of heavy construction. Some nearby windows were broken, but others above street level completely intact. Many nearby trees were undamaged, even retaining their fall leaves.


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