George Floyd’s Secret Life -- Aliases, Connections To Police, Politician, And Movie Biz

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It turns out that George Floyd was also an actor in porn films - therefore the movie business connection is confirmed. We have confirmed his involvement in the porn industry, this is not a rumor.

Check the details BEFORE you riot. The cop and the victim both worked together as security rent-a-cops for years. Why, then, did they pretend not to know each other at the "murder" event? Think about it. The cop has aliases and a family Hollywood background.

"Black People Are Disproportionately Getting and Dying From COVID-19 Early data indicates African Americans are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S"

"Black People Comprise 100 percent of the Coronavirus Deaths In Richmond, Virginia"

If there is a better way to get people to spread COVID virus among themselves than having them riot, I do not know what it is. Think about it.

By the way - it’s been done before -

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