(mirror) 9/11 WTC dismantled and hollow vs mini-nukes edited

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Sometimes I say stupid things and usually I'm hauled onto the carpet for it. I do just that in this two-hour conversation with Don Fox, Joe Olson and Jim Fetzer, all of whom are big nuke advocates. What I said that was so stupid was to state that the viscoelastic dampers were not steel, but plastic (and would therefore have been vaporized by a nuke before the steel,) an easily disproved statement, and one that I know better than to say. To be honest I have noticed that when I start to feel like a smarty pants, I tend to say stupid stuff. I hate it when I self-destruct like that, and not just because it is embarrassing as hell and shoots down any credibility I might have had, it is made exponentially worse by Jim's introduction of me as having spent 10 years researching the towers, a statement that has already resulted well-deserved ridicule from my critics. But what really burns my biscuit is I have spent a fair amount of time and energy criticizing the truth movement in general for never correcting their errors so I can't even retire in shame or anything; I am forced into correcting the record again.

One of the people who pointed out my errors has been constructing his own models, only his are architecturally accurate, whereas mine are only useful to the layman. I was humbled by the detail of his work, as well as the knowledge he had of the tower construction as compared to mine, but this very smart man could not explain why the spandrels above the lobby area had no sign of floor material whatsoever as compared to the lobby ceiling material; instead he would point to the details of the construction mock me for even suggesting they were dismantled. He then explained that the jets were real and that it is ludicrous to think that missiles were launched in broad daylight. Like Jim, Joe and Don, this guy could not admit that he might be wrong. Well I want to go on record as saying that the evidence has nothing to do with my credibility; I may be completely wrong about all of my conclusions but the evidence that leads me there doesn't change. What I would appreciate from the rest of the truth movement is that when they are in error that they admit it.


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