Fake News with a Shocking Ending

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Fake News with a Shocking Ending, March 11, 2018.
Story flooded with 'O'. gOlf cOurse, cOctails, Ontario. COCKtails, cockTAILs. RestauRANt, mELissa RAMirez. CANiy, ILLman, ILL=33, illMAN. Same initials: Patrick Puorro,PP, Mark MANzano. manzANO. James CapbELL. Pathway madiSON HALL (Hall = 33). Police Christopher Child = CC, same initials, mocking Christ. Police 2: John RobertSON. Republian Mike ThomSON. 3 people killed. Christine (mocking Christ). Jen goLICK. Lick = 33. Sexual innuendos: Cock, Ano, Lick, PP. In the end: David Hogg???


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