Immigrant is dissatisfied with the fact that Sweden does not have strict Corona rules

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Andreia Rodrigues #WearAMask
@saveswedencov19 co-founder. Member of MEWAS. #TestTraceIsolate & #maskupSweden #ZeroCOVID advocate
Also @AGreenDreamer

Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about Delta strain.
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Johnny Langen: Foreigner comes to Sweden and protests against Freedom of Native Swedes and than She is surprised she gets backlash for that ? Also pretty Funny that Angry Foreigner is a Covidian, i guess he has to be contrarian to everything the Swedish Government does. Good on You Swedes for treating that Woman how she deserves to be treated

CB: What’s strange with that Swedes don’t like being forced to wear face masks? To me it’s perfectly normal to oppose such mandates and all other similar types of governmental restriction on people’s freedom..
demonsluger: Anyone trusting the word of WHO should just stop and contemplate on wtf they are doing. But i agree that the Swedish take on the big scary pandemic didnt make sense if it actually was a real pandemic.
Loki 76: 100%.. She comes from another country and gets uppity about how Sweden handles their own business with Corona. What kind of an idiot is she?
Imaginary Voncroy: Yeah, a Portuguese woman? Btw, in Portugal, as of now, if you’re not vaccinated, you are literally are denied access to certain places and there have been talks about not accepting people in public hospitals in case they’re not vaccinated (they’re taxpayers all the same but who cares, right?) We Portuguese are literally losing our rights as we speak because of COVID paranoia (this last winter our media happily announced we cured the flu with a straight face LOL). Just wanted to point this out here. People here lost their jobs, many have been hungry but as long as few elderly people die from COVID, it’s all fine! Hypocrisy.
Johnny Langen: Good on the Swedes, Maskers should stay in the basement were they feel comfortable
oki: She’s complaining or were protesting the Swedish way of handling the Pandemic. Checking the stats of her native Country of Portugal vs Sweden. I assume Portugal did everything the mighty WHO told them to do. Well let’s ramble off some stats: Portugal and Sweden have nearly identical population size of just over 10 million people.
When it comes to Covid-19: Sweden about little over 1 Million infected. Portugal just under 1 million infected. So nearly identical.Death rate:
Sweden just over 14,000
Portugal just over 17,000

So tell me again how "poorly" and "Bad" Sweden handled it that this lady was protesting about..Maybe she should have also gone to Portugal and demonstrated, I mean they had/have same amount of infections and even 3,000 more deaths. No one likes an activist that shit on something. That could be a clue to reactions. A bunch of non Swede’s telling Sweden is doing something wrong.

As for Swedish Government. Yes they are scumbags, they are Social Democrats. Nothing else need to be said. The immigration invasion into Sweden is insane. All the crime that followed and the demographic change and the fact Sweden will cease to exist and Swede’s will become a minority in some decades time. Yeah that is disturbing.
LVT: Some of the Swedish ppl are aggressive if politics is involved. I think that wearing the mask was seen as a political statement. If I remember correctly at the beginning of the pandemic only Sweden democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson was wearing the mask. This is the only way I can explain anti-mask the middle of a pandemic :D. Also, Sweden didn’t have any real war for 200 years so their self-preservation is nonexistent ergo supporting political parties is more important than wearing masks and saving lives.
Swedish Men SPIT on HER - Expat Life in Sweden
Andreia Rodrigues was chased out of Sweden due to her disagreeing with the governments policies. She is originally from Portugal and this interview deals with a lot deeper issues than politics, namely the life of an expat trying to establish themselves in Sweden, where Swedish people aren’t exactly what they’re known for globally.


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