EG&G Jewish Film Fakers - Nuclear Hoax

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Harold Edgerton, trick photographer. Then Edgerton, G and G in 1947. Then EG&G Defense Contractor!

The short film here (which may be incomplete) is a collection of scraps: it may have been made as a sales tool, or perhaps to point up areas for improvement, though my best guess is to show a selection of effects to be used in fake ’nuclear tests’. ’Lookout Mountain’ may have been fed with their material. My best guess is this company was Jewish, and kept the lid firmly closed on any speculations that nukes didn’t exist, were over-rated, not dangerously radioactive, and all the rest.

At that time, special effects (this list partly taken from a Focal Encyclopedia of Photography) included:
* More than one exposure on different parts of the same film (with masks)
* Double exposures (e.g. plain white title lettering)
* Back projection,glass paintings, models, and faked aerial views
* Negatives (in black and white) for eerie effects
* Lighting from below to make human faces look uncanny
* Speed changes with film to give faster or slower appearance
* Inserting of one or more frames for split-second effects
* Time lapse to allow plumes of smoke to rise slowly (hence the speedy clouds!)
* Obvious hydrocarbon explosions (orange + black smoke)
* ’Wax ball’ and other models shown without indication of their true scale
* Smoke, cloud and/or mist effects
* Odd motion, for example of foreground objects, probably as distractions

EG&G and the Deep Media of Timing,Firing, and Exposing

All nuclear tests and events have been faked.


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