NZ Crisis actor laughing, "50 dead", why so funny?

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Here we see a buffoon crisis actor, Adeeb Sami, who claims to have been in the New Zealand, Christchurch mosque shooting, and claims to have been shot twice, once in the spine and once in the shoulder. He claims he was protecting his son, but other articles say he said he was protecting two sons, so he cannot even get the fake story straight.

The "spine injury" also supposedly resulted in his hip being shattered, but you guessed, just a couple of days later he’s up and walking about just fine like magic, still with a shattered hip and "shrapnel" too while doing interviews and laughing his head off about the hoax saying it was like being in a movie. His family are all beaming with joy in his hospital selfie and he got to meet Prince William.

Ask yourself, besides his ridiculously fake injuries, if someone had really witnessed 40+ people having their brains blown out, and been shot twice, would they be reacting like him and laughing hysterically about it? No, of course not. He’s laughing at the dumb gullible public and the thought of all the money he’s scammed for his acting role.


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