The True Story Of Capricorn One MGTV History Archives 2017

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The True Story Of Capricorn One. MGTV History Archives 2017
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Published on Oct 8, 2018

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Bill Kaysing's book: We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle (1976)

Most of us have heard of the film, #Capricorn One. In this video, we take a look at a clip of Richard D. Hall discussing the real story of why and how, the film came about. He based his findings on those of Italian researcher, Albino Galuppini. Have a listen to what he say, then watch the clips that follow. It'll blow your mind....

Film Plot:
Capricorn One—the first manned mission to Mars—is on the launch pad. The bewildered crew of Brubaker, Willis, and Walker are removed from Capricorn One and flown to an abandoned desert base. The launch proceeds on schedule, and the public is unaware that the spacecraft is empty. At the base, the astronauts are informed by #NASA official Kelloway that a faulty life-support system would have killed the astronauts during the flight, and they must help counterfeit the television footage during the flight to and from Mars. Initially they refuse, but Kelloway threatens their families if they do not cooperate.

The astronauts remain in captivity during the flight and are filmed landing on Mars within a studio located at the base. The conspiracy is known to only a few officials, until alert technician Elliot Whitter notices that ground control receives the crew's television transmissions before the spacecraft telemetry arrives. Whitter reports his concerns to his supervisors, including Kelloway, but is told that it is due to a faulty workstation. He disappears before he can finish sharing his concerns with journalist friend Robert Caulfield. Caulfield discovers that all evidence of his friend's life has been erased and he begins investigating the mission, surviving several attempts on his life in the process.

Upon returning to Earth, the empty spacecraft burns up due to a faulty heat shield during atmospheric reentry. The astronauts are said to have died due to the malfunction. The captive astronauts board a plane to be placed in the spacecraft, but the plane unexpectedly turns around and returns to the airfield. They realize that something has gone wrong with the re-entry process and that officials can never release them. They break out of confinement and escape in a plane, which runs out of fuel soon after take-off. Forced to crash-land and stranded in the desert, they attempt to return to civilization while being pursued by helicopters. Realizing that the chances of exposing the truth are increased if they split up, they start walking in three directions. Kelloway sends the helicopters after them; Willis and Walker are found, while Brubaker is the only one to avoid capture and hides in a deserted gas station.

Caulfield's investigation leads him to question Brubaker's "widow" after reviewing a conversation between the astronauts and their spouses aired on live television where Brubaker mentioned a previous family vacation that seems to confuse Mrs. Brubaker. She says that the vacation Brubaker mentioned never took place, and that the family had gone to another location where a movie was being filmed, and that Brubaker had told his wife that with enough special effects and movie magic, anything could be made to look real. As he investigates further, he is arrested by federal agents when cocaine is planted in his home, and later fired from his job.

Another reporter tells Caulfield about the military base and he goes there, finding it abandoned. Looking around, he finds a necklace given to Brubaker by his wife and concludes that the astronauts were in the hangar. With the help of crop-dusting pilot Albain, he searches the desert and rescues Brubaker from the men in the helicopters. The helicopters chase their plane through a canyon but are destroyed after being blinded with crop spray.

Ultimately, Caulfield and Brubaker arrive at the astronauts' memorial service, exposing the conspiracy.


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