How To Get Free Money For Not Wearing A Mask!!!!

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***Warning this is a opinion and not legal advice You should ask a attorney before trying this I am not responsible for any damages If you try this and you end up convicted take this advice at your own risk***
Steps For Free Money
1. Have a real disability with doctors note for not wearing a mask.
2.Go to the business without a mask.
3.If they ask you to wear one hand them the note.
4.If you hear that they have the right to refuse you service anyway they are breaking the law record the event!
5.Stay until the police shows up no swearing being loud attacking employees or breaking things.
6.Refuse to sign a now trespass order.
7.You will now be taken to jail.
8.Refuse conditional release and have them take you to the penitentiary.
9.Wait in prison until all charges are dropped
10. Once your out of court and all charges are dismissed get proof of this and go to the civil side of the courthouse and file a lawsuit and state your damages suffered(job loss,failed classes, damage to reputation etc)
11.The business will most likely settle out of court for money congratulations you got free money enjoy you cash and freedom if you want more return to the business that caused the damages or another business and repeat steps 1-11. By doing this enough you can probably become a millionaire


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