The Mass Shooting Hoax Template

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Anyone with eyes can see. The fake mass shootings we see are mostly drills gone live with the additional involvement of the fake media and our fake government.

The Super Bowl parade shooting hoax was likely not a drill gone live but an event planned over a long time with a lot more fed agent involvement and then some crisis actors to act as heroes, victims, and bystanders. Perhaps the feds ran their own drills behind the scenes for the various planned scenes.

The whole fake relationship of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and the fake Super Bowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs was potentially part of a larger plan that included the fake Super Bowl parade shooting hoax in mind, to use Swift, Kelce, the NFL, and a whole host of others to push "gun control."

The main point of the video is to show that all the ingredients necessary to fake various types of tragedies are already in place.


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