** Graphic** Albuquerque Man Sleeping at Bus Stop Murdered by Cops

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In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the cops murdered in cold blood a man found sleeping at a bus stop. The cops allege the man was brandishing a BB gun.

Even though there is no doubt this will be ruled a justified shooting, just as all extrajudicial executions of citizens by Cheka forces are, it’s clear from the video the cops went into that situation planning on murdering that man.

The victim moved as though someone set his playback speed to 20%. A fucking sloth would have escaped his sleepy presence, but I’m sure the armed thugs with their deadly weapons drawn feared for their precious lives.

Then of course there are the deliberately self-contradictory, purposefully confusing “commands” by the precious officers. Reminiscent of the Daniel Shaver execution, these cops went into it to shoot, not to disarm:

– Keep your hands up
– Get on your stomach
– Put your hands in your waistband

There was no attempt to talk to the guy and there was no reason to "fear for your life". Is it me or have cops become such fraidy cats that damn near anything makes them fear for their lives? In fact shouldn’t it be the other way around now? WE are the ones that should fear for their lives!! I remember when cops put themselves in harms way to protect and serve. NOT ANYMORE!!!


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