Stephen Hawking HOAX

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The entity known as “Stephen Hawking” is nothing more than a puppet of the lie system.
“Stephen Hawking” was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21, and given two years to live.
Yet, currently at age 74, he works full time, teaches, writes books, hosts numerous documentaries, had cameos in several TV shows, and travels the world giving lectures.
He does all of this by twitching a single cheek muscle.
There is a huge list of TV appearances “Stephen Hawking” has made since 2011!
“Stephen Hawking is credited with publishing so many books, some of them bigger than the Bible, and over the spend of number of years, but just so many... and he's been in this condition for this long just think about it...
Think about how long would it take to write these books, under these conditions, with these limitations...
This is all just part of the monumental joke that's upon us and talk about how the story never makes sense... Or think this is the brightest man in the world... the most capable writer there ever was...
‘The Big Bang Theory is the beginning of the Universe' - that's what just Stephen Hawking just said apparently through his interpreter.
Let me ask you: Do you believe in the Black Holes yet?
Is the String Theory making sense?
It's funny how many people will hold on to these things so tightly, who deny everything else.
They've created this FALSE WAR of the religion, spirituality, and science. All of those things should drive together. But in this world they've divided and conquered everybody over them, and using people like THIS to divide them.
So, just think about what a joke this is. It's monumental.”
“These people are very lucky in being the right person, in the right place at the right time.
Science, in some way, has become the new religion.
That people are looking for ultimate truth, they've lost God.
They they're looking for something to replace God and they hit on Cosmology, and Black Holes, and the Universe, and then they've found a person who can represent the entire community of Cosmology & Astro-Physics and so on to them.”
“You've just heard it right there - and that's the truth - people are looking for a reason to denounce God.
And so many have denounced God by embracing Stephen Hawking. Just think about it!
You don't think that Jews, who run this, are having the biggest belly laugh of all time? Oh, boy!
You don't need a book to get to God! You don't need anybody to tell you how to get to God.
You just need to open your eyes and pay attention to the signs all around you.
And, remember, "Big Bang" and "Genesis" are both sum up to "33" (numerology).”


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