The Big Business of Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision)

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Circumcision is a multi-BILLION dollar a year industry. No wonder so many medical professionals push for it, or full out deceive parents into believing they are benefiting their son(s) by performing the circumcisions. They are doing nothing but benefiting their own wallets and letting our country’s boy’s deal with the consequences.

The medical professionals that are performing these circumcisions are profiting from doing the procedure alone, and then they are turning around and selling the amputated foreskin tissue to biometric companies and profiting yet again. Then the biometric companies turn around and sell the “harvested neonatal fibroblasts” (code word for newborn foreskin) to research labs and cosmetic companies for hundreds of dollars PER VIAL. Take a look at the facial moisturizer you may use…those “stem cells” are harvested from neonatal foreskins.

Not to mention other subsequent companies that profit from the after effects of circumcision, such as lubrication companies (for masturbation/dry intercourse issues), erectile dysfunction medication, such as Viagra, to achieve an erection due to the associated erectile issues connected to circumcision (loss of blood vessels), lack of condom use because of keratinization (desensitizing of the head of the penis, which causes less sensation, and adding a condom on top of that removes sensitivity even further resulting in not using a condom) which can lead to STD’s or other sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV). This is all assuming the circumcision goes well. Other monetary factors must be considered if the baby experiences complications from his circumcision which results in more expenses to the parents, and more profit to the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and general medical industry. These complications can include: adhesion’s, “revisions” (re-circumcisions), hemorrhage, amputation, infections, meatal stenosis, urinary retention, and skin bridges, just to name a few. All which benefit nobody but the doctor and the hospital/office cashing in the pay check.

"The billion-dollar-a-year circumcision industry has bombarded Americans with confusing rhetoric and calculated scare tactics." - Paul Fleiss, M.D.

The Foreskin in Oprah’s Facecream

Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C.) is dedicated to ending routine, non-therapeutic circumcision – the genital cutting of infants. Babies are born with perfectly designed genitalia, and no one has the right to inflict this unnecessary procedure on them as they grow – for any reason.

People have been lied to for generations over this, & many other topics. I’m trying to help share educational material with people, & help break the cycle.

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~ George Hill Vice-President for
Bioethics and Medical Science
for Doctors Opposing Circumcision…/The_Case_Against_Circumcision

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Why is it socially frowned upon to bully people over sexuality or body shame women, yet no one seems to think twice when engaging in the same types of behavior regarding males who are intact? What magically makes such cruelty & bigotry acceptable?

There is nothing inherently gross, wrong with, or defective with the male body in its natural, unaltered state & claiming otherwise is sexist body shaming.

Those who are having their foreskins forcibly removed are having their human rights to bodily integrity & equal protections under the law violated, & therefore are prohibited from being able to exercise their right to auto-determination - due only to their gender.

Boys and girls alike: The ethics of male and female “circumcision”

NOCIRC Amicus Curiae Brief


Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity
Policy Statement Ch10

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Cutting off part of a helpless person’s body to suit our preferences would obviously be wrong for anything else - but people have blinders on whenever our present institutions tell them something is beneficial.

Do we view forced mutilation (proper terminology - not shaming) as a method of hygiene for any other body part?

First, do no harm & if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Re-framing the mutilation of an infant as a parental rights issue is disingenuous, & completely overlooks the fact that the baby is a human being with rights of their own.

Parental rights, do not grant the authority to take unnecessary liberties with another’s body or sexuality - such as forcing risky, potentially lethal procedures - violating, mutilating, & removing an important, integral part of their sexual anatomy - permanently altering & impeding its natural functions.

Human Rights


Freedom, bodily integrity, & informed consent.
There is no debate.


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