The PHANTOMS of Sandy Hook - an Anniversary SPECIAL

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We have already shown with official records that NO CHILDREN DIED at Sandy Hook school during the staged shooting drill. The question asked here is, were any of the children dramatic charaters shown, EVER EVEN BORN?

Anniversary SPECIAL, celebrating the fact that not one person died in the Sandy Hook FAKE propaganda exercise. Also, celebrating the impending prosecution of the criminal frauds who perpetrated it, attempting to rob US citizens of their rights. And yes, what they did IS A CRIME -

Barack Obama's preparation for his STAGED rampage of fake death, was his obvious attempt to have Astrue (the same one who did the cover up for Obama's other records), black out the Social Security Death records, to make it harder for researchers to reveal his swath of faked deaths. Harder, but far from impossible.

The FBI has released its crime records for 2012, and it's official. NOBODY died as a result of murder in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 - NOT ONE PERSON. We rejoice that the children invented for this fraud, did not die. We rejoice that the criminals and traitors who attempted this fraud and treason, have failed.

We have seen that a government infested with criminals CANNOT be trusted - ever.

More on control through staged violence:

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