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00:00:01 - History of the god of plagues - Aesculapius
00:04:58 - Rudolf Steiner - “A Future Vaccine To Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit” (1917)
00:10:29 - The Garden of Eden - …”ye shall be as gods” - GENESIS 3:5 (KJV)
The beginning of lies. Gnosticism. The occult New World Order
00:19:53 - Rudolf Steiner
00:27:19 - Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 (VMAT2 Gene) and FunVax
00:47:25 - Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF). Millimeter Wave (MM Wave) Warfare. Nanoparticles / Nanobots. Nano Domestic Quell
00:54:33 - Current history... The worldwide “Coronavirus” / “COVID-19” “pandemic”
00:56:12 - Masks. Black Fibre "Worms" (Nanobots) found in face masks
01:01:11 - Military deployment of the “COVID-19” “Vaccine”. Operation WarpSpeed. The Black Cube of Saturn
01:02:41 - “Germ Theory”
01:03:28 - Charles Richet - Nobel Prize for Anaphylaxis. The 3-4 week incubation period known since 1913
01:04:36 - Coronavirus Patent - Filed: 2015. Granted: 2018
01:05:28 - The New World Order
01:06:39 - Bioterrorism. 9/11 and “Coronavirus” link. Tabletop “Exercises” of Dark Winter, Atlantic Storm, Clade X, and Event 201
01:13:25 - ID2020 Alliance
01:16:07 - “Vaccine” Passport
01:16:39 - Damning official admissions

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Thank you so much to PRIMAL EARTH SOUNDS
for the beautiful Outro drone footage of God’s Almighty, Wonderful Creation
from 02:40:00 - 02:48:07

Credit and thanks to Howard Ratcliffe for the extensive, Biblical research

Credit to Tim Truth for Black Fibre "Worms" in face masks, under microscope video footage
from 00:56:53 - 00:58:45

Credit to Wardo Rants for ’Coronavirus and Vaccine Crime Documentary’
from 01:23:11 - 01:30:00

Credit to ENDTIMESWATCHMAN for video ’THE PLAN!’
from 01:36:36 - 01:40:15

Credit to Wardo Rants for ’Coronavirus and Vaccine Crime Documentary’
01:47:14 - 01:50:22

Credit to TM Films (content no longer online) for 3 videos
from 02:01:35 - 02:07:40

Credit to Spiro Skouras for A.I - AKA Transhumanism videos (videos and channel no longer online)
from 02:07:53 - 02:09:15
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