Biden - Rally Georgia- WOW! Read info

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Waddaya MEAN 6 feet.???? I thought he said 60 feet~ lol

Dropped like this to drop box.

Was going to add some alone music and make it funny. I changed my mind and present it as a study of sort on the concept being shown. We will find this different each of us I think. Understanding this is all theater inside a play inside a blah blah... it makes me wonder why to make footage like this yes? Are they trying to find people who feel bad for creepy? Is this a play on his lack of intelligence? we Can go on and on but whats the reason. We have to start thinking along these lines. We figure a little here and there and the full picture WITH DETAIL will unfold for us. Share what you are seeing.. try and find original things .. share them. It is in plain site but even the great reset nay be housed inside of another grand doing. Focus danielson! :)
Cheers!! God bless all

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