Fake Stabbing in Mannheim Germany - Another ZOG Simulation Drill

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This is the live-streamed footage of the Fake stabbing in Mannheim Germany that was performed on May 31, 2024.
Love the Israeli flag - it really sets the tone for this Hoax.

The narrative: The "terrorist" radicalized by ISIS.

The Daily Mail reported on June 4th that the stabber, Sulaiman Ataee, came to live in Germany when he was 14 years old. He became fluent in German and was described as a "perfectly helpful, polite and agreeable citizen." He married a German woman and had 2 children, ages 1 and 3. Due to this marriage, he was granted a residency permit that was set to expire in 2026. He is unemployed and living off benefits. Sounds like a great motive to participate in a staged event.

It is claimed that he had been "radicalized" by ISIS ✡️ over the past year and shared ISIS propaganda on You Tube right before the "attack." As soon as you hear ISIS mentioned in any story, you are dealing with the Mossad - remember their motto:
"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

So, this guy Ataee decides to drive 25 minutes to this Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa anti-Islam event, with its big Jew flag, hangs out awhile, waits for the show to go live and then decides to start stabbing people on the set, including a pig.

"Pax Europa describes itself as an organization that informs the public about the dangers posed by the “increasing spread and influence of political Islam.” Michael Stürzenberger, an anti-Islam activist who is one of its leading figures and has spoken at its events, was among those wounded."

Pax Europa is a shill group for Jews, they push the "Islamic Extremists conducted 9/11" narrative and other lies to cover up Israel’s involvement in orchestrated terror attacks..✡️

Here are the members of Pax Europa:
Sturzenberger has the lead role in this hoax and claims he was stabbed.
Michael Stürzenberger
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Knight of Malta),
Frank Gaffney
Conny Axel Meier
Susanne Hirzel

The "terrorist", Sulaiman Ataee, was on the scene, scrolling on his cellphone and hanging out, waiting for his cue. He is seen on the set at time stamp 09:06 and a real clear shot can be seen at time stamp 10:21.

The action begins (12:31).
They used a prop knife with a retractable blade, blood squibs/moulage and simulation ammo.
I caught several shots of Sulaiman Ataee smiling during his performance (12:39) Watch the stabbing parts in slow-mo.

The first "stabbing" victim had no visible injury.

The second stabbing victim at 12:38: the camera pans out and comes back in to show you some moulage with a perfect square cut-out to show it off. This is not a real knife wound or blood, it looks like a blood squib on a sim-sleeve.

At 12:54 a cop fires his gun at Ataee, there is no muzzle flash or recoil.

Also at 12:54 when the cop gets stabbed, he has his hand held to his neck as he rolls over and a spray of blood hits the pavement. The camera pans away and comes back at 12:56 where he now has a puddle of blood beside him. That was a blood squib that he emptied. As he proceeds to get back up, you do not see flowing or dripping blood on his hand, on his neck, or on his collar (12:58 - 13:07). Nor does he exhibit the behavior of someone that sustained such an injury. There is no distress, pain, or shock, and he doesn’t seem to be in any real rush to get his wound treated. As he is kneeling, two female officers come over and are pouring fake blood on him. The one facing him has a device that looks similar to a baton. In her left hand she has a cartridge that snaps on to that device. Watch the footage frame-by-frame. You can see her raising it up and down to spray out the fake blood. Watch the ground in front of him. There was no blood in front of him when he initially kneels and his non-flowing blood wound is on the left side of his body. At 13:07 the camera pans away again, and comes back in at 13:09. Now suddenly at time stamp 13:14 the injured pig has blood dripping on the back of his hand. As he stands up at 13:14 you will see a new puddle that formed in front of him as they doused him with more fake blood to really sell it. Look how every single pig and random person in this farce just mindlessly stomps through each puddle of "blood". There is no sense of urgency during this entire performance. I caught many of the cops in the background smiling as they watched from afar. This would not happen in a real situation.

Look how calm everyone is. This is just a simulation drill. Notice when medical help does arrive, they attend to the first guy rather than the policeman who sustained a life-threatening neck injury. Instead, all the other police officers walk the injured cop around and surround him to block out the camera. You do not allow a victim with such an upper body injury to walk around, bleeding out everywhere. The pigs are confused about what to do in the next scene, so the director with the grey sweater has to step in at 13:34 to instruct them to lay him down.
Also, if this wound was real there would be a significant amount of blood loss, and seconds would matter. The police finally lay him down and pour out some more fake blood to dramatize the scene. They later reported that he died from complications during surgery.
This is not a crime scene. Forensic evidence was trampled on carelessly. Their medical response was unbelievably inept - there is ZERO reality present here.

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