Paris Ritualized & Analyzed ~A Necessary Sacrifice

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I reveal some personal back story and testimony in here too, regarding some of what I learned from my ex boyfriend who survived Satanic Ritual Abuse.

EVERYTHING is connected. Until you learn how, the world will continue to be one giant bag of random nonsense. But when you see the image within the image, you will always be able to find your way out of the psyops, forever more... though psyops are like EGO- you have to be vigilant, because as soon as you think you have thrown one out the window, in it comes back through the back door. Throw it out the back door, it comes back in through the chimney!

The powers that shouldn't be have a LOT invested in the enslavement of all humanity. They have worked hard to brainwash us and keep us at the minimum of our human potential. GOOD NEWS is they are losing their grasp. BAD NEWS is they are fighting back. STAY STRONG HUMANS- we WILL WIN against the poor, misguided, power & blood hungry DEVILS!!!


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