Texas HS Shooter Training DRILL

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Texas HS Shooter Training DRILL - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!! Another Mass Shooting event in JadeHelm Texas? No Way folks! Who would have guessed they'd have another mass shooting?? Anyways, this looks like they are gearing up for it to be the next Parkland. Even Trump came out wanting to give prayers to the families of the deceased! Wait what! How would he know there are deceased so early, and of a SHOTGUN! Really? A Shotgun now is the mass murder weapon of choice? Bobby Knight and Dick Cheney couldn't kill anyone at CLOSE range with a shotgun! I know someone that was shot by a shotgun, and never died. So, this will be interesting to know how many deaths they will claim from this ludicrous event! Break out the water bottles, grab some popcorn, and enjoy their next show! Also, check out the Bus Number behind the Alarm Lady! It's on the Bumper


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