Paradise Lost # 29 ~ CaliforniCremation

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Paradise Lost # 29 ~ CaliforniCremation
Published on Dec 10, 2018


CALIFORNICREMATION-No ovens needed when you have a LASER.
Firebombing the State of the Californicremation

Blue Laser Strike from Land (country?)
Note that the whole sky is blue in these pictures from pumping laser.
The laser pumps several times after strike on one single vehicle.
Holohoax & Hellstorm; Great Lies of WWII

“From April 1 to 22 inclusive 952,878 prisoners were killed”

It is said history is written by the victors…and no more is this true than in WWII.

Much new evidence is coming out that rewrites what we learned in school and from government propaganda as to the U.S. actions during and after WWII.
The Great Holohoax

There were NOT 6 million ONLY Jews murdered in the holocaust…that number is acknowledged to be off by 85% now with revisionist history and is likely a lot less than even this number but is still leveraged by Zionist to further their hegemonic agendas.

Same propaganda, different World War!


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