TerribleTim schools THE FOOL Paul M Field on truth and reality

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Paul M Field indicated that the TerribleTim phone call into the Dysfunctional No Filter Paul podcast was the catalyst factor that prompted the adverse Paul M Field reaction to the TerribleTim stimulus during the TerribleTim's microphone show. Paul M Field is essentially an experiment in a TerribleTim petri dish.

TerribleTim opens this presentation by showing you a particle of dust falling outside the fake space window of the ISS that was traveling at 18,000 mph.

During the interview with Fred Coscia TerribleTim shows you the gay pride injury parade in Orlando carrying themselves in the direction of the Pulse gay club massacre (not away from it) where ostensibly homosexuals were being slaughtered by Omar Martine who works for C4S which is a crisis acting school.
Paul M Field did actually look at the clip. The excuse he offered was that the homosexuals were not on the exact same side of the street as the Pulse gay club that they were walking towards therefore they were not actually walking to the gay club which of course is beyond absurd. There were no ambulances and both sides of the street was blocked off by police.
As far as examining the production aspect of this phony fake show you can see exactly why the homosexuals were walking by that strategic location. It was an ideal location for shooting the painfully obviously fake show. There was an area of lawn inset away from the sidewalk where the camera crew set up. It was an excellent vantage point for capturing the homosexuals walking by but they f**ked up. They staged the fake gay pride injury parade walking in the wrong direction....To the Pulse gay club, not away from it. This was a covert action perception management influence operation. That is to say, it was a phony fake show.


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