1.5 Million Fake 2020 Ballots Printed in China - Full Report! - 2020 Election Fraud

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Now we apparently know where the hundreds of thousands of fake ballots came from, being filled out en masse in cubicles and voting stations - as shown in other videos. Now also we know why the tens of thousands of ballots were hidden in side rooms, car trunks, etc. - evidently they were simply replaced with these fake ones filled out for Biden.

There can be no doubt about the criminal intent, as the ballots were to be shipped to Canada first to evade detection by Customs. Apparently there was also concern about the authentication markings on the fake ballots. That could also explain why ballots in Georgia were recently shredded, as shown in another video.

2020 will doubtless become a turning point in the history of the United States. The massive degree of vote fraud is a crisis. Either the People of the US will insist "no more" and restore the Republic, or the most powerful nation in the world will descend into a quagmire of corruption and fraud.

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