Dr. Ben Tapper, proponent for bill LB 643 exposes Pfizer’s criminal record

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Dr. Ben Tapper giving support to his friend, colleague and PATRIOT, as Dr. Tapper called him: Senator Ben Hansen. Senator Hansen has introduced bill LB 643, which he described on Facebook as follows:

Senator Ben Hansen on January 16th:
I am going to be introducing a bill early next week that will protect our individual liberties, parental rights, and businesses from mandatory vaccinations during an Emergency declaration from our government. Being forced to vaccinate ourselves should always be the choice of the individual, no matter how good or bad it might be. Read the proposed bill below:

"To maintain the individual liberty, parental rights, and free market principles of the citizens and businesses of Nebraska, during a state of emergency declared by the Governor or anytime thereafter, it is the right of each citizen, the right of parents with respect to their dependents, and the right of businesses to accept or decline a mandatory vaccination, or the forcing of vaccinations to its employees, by the Nebraska state government. Declining a mandatory vaccination will deliver no implication, penalty, litigation, and/or punishment to the citizen or business by the state."

Senator Ben Hansen on February 5th:
Had a busy week of introducing bills. Here’s a recap of a few:

LB 643: Protects a person’s individual liberty, parental right, and business from being able to accept or decline a vaccination under a mandatory directive by the Governor. A big thank you to my team in Lincoln Ellie Stangl & Christopher Prosch, Allie French, Ben Tapper, Tonya Cloyd, Danna Seevers, Ben Stangl, and countless more with all the help and support. We struck a cord!

LB 435: Requires an official watermark on all mail-in ballots under the Election Act. I’m hoping this will also be a springboard for a broader discussion on maintaining election integrity and keeping ahead of voter fraud. Nebraska was one of the most secure and trustworthy states during this last election thanks to Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen staying ahead of the curve and all his hard work.

LB 645: Provides for a higher punishable offense for local and state level public officials who pass Directed Health Measures and who are found in violation of the DHM that they sign off on. This bill holds those who in the Executive branch of government who sign off on a mandate more accountable.

Senator Ben Hansen on February 28th:
Here’s an interview I did recently on the News Talk 1290 AM out of Omaha describing my thoughts on LB 643, an anti-mandatory vaccine bill I introduced, and LB 645 which triples the fine for those who sign off on a Directed Health Measure (such as mayors, the Governor, city managers, or other public officials) and gets caught breaking them.


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