The New JFK Show #266 Joe Rogan JFK

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Oliver Stone has been interviewed by Joe Rogan, which we review on this show (abbreviated out of disgust for Oliver’s performance here). He has to rely upon his notes, to which he makes constant reference (visually) and props up the "official narrative" that Lyndon Johnson was doing his best to manage conflicting duties to avoid a war with the Soviet Union, on the one hand, and reveal who was responsible for the assassination of JFK. Pathetic and unbelievable, the celebrated director of "JFK" provides a feeble performance, which (in my view) discredits him permanently as an authority on the death of our 35th President. I would say that, by this point in time, he has become no more than a shill for the Warren Commission and an apologist for conspiracy theories that implicate the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the mafia, anti-Castro Cubans, the Eastern Establishment surrounding the FEB, the Texas oil men and Israel in an elaborate conspiracy, for which there is a mountain of evidence but which this man astonishingly neglects. He should have stood with "JFK", which was a cinematic masterpiece, rather than damage his standing as an expert and an authority on the subject. I felt we had to review this interview to confirm my suspicions that Oliver has become worse than "a lost cause": he’s now shilling for the CIA!


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