How @AusFedPolice #GLLO dyke cops almost killed Putin @APEC 2007

Please select playlist name from following are the sources for this interview especially post #3 showing how child abuse blackmail material on Australian Gay Judge Justice James Woods of was cashed in by RUSADA.RU
It always breaks first on telegram’s "deepsatepedohunters" group. my interviewer

Full video description on - due to the gremlins in clipbucket that run 153news I love the most!

This information is important. PUTIN MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER TURKEY or ANY EU COUNTRY WITHOUT HIS OWN ARMED SECURITY FORCES. If he gets assignated due to lax security it’s the end of the world as we know it, folks. In Australia, he had to rely on corrupt drug dealing gay GLLO Australian Federal police officer Nikky to drive him around in a white ford Fairlane, the spouse of NSW GLLO Lesbo Cop Kate Howe that made me a political refugee from Australia. 2/3 claims my source lin Leichhardt gave me about the gay cops who arrested me checked out - spouse name - drug dealing and pot in their backyard - and the story about engaging Putin can be confirmed by Russia who are wondering how I found out who was driving Putin around when I was at war with the police since BEFORE APEC 2007.
See the recent tweets about this on and the thread on deepstatepedohunters for all sources including my submission to operation prospect parliamentary inquiry in 2004 that talked about Kate Howe and her federal police officer girlfriend


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