They Came for the Immigrants and I was Silent, They Then Took the Home

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They Came for the Immigrants and I was Silent, They Then Took the Home
aplanetruth 4u. Dec 3, 2019.
Top Los Angeles Homeless Official Steps Down as Crisis Deepens.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The chief of a top Los Angeles homeless agency announced his resignation on Monday, saying he was proud of its work even as America's second-largest city grapples with spiraling numbers of people living on the streets and rising home prices.

Peter Lynn, who saw homelessness rise 33% during his five years as head of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, said he would leave the job by Dec. 31.

"Over these five years of explosive growth, LAHSA deployed more than $780 million in new funding to address homelessness. We doubled our staff and then doubled it again," Lynn said in a written statement.
Would use existing systems to deliver assistance and clean up the streets.

Sacramento Today, former state Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D Los Angeles) submitted to the Attorney General for title and summary a ballot initiative that radically changes the state's approach to homelessness. The initiative would treat certain existing crimes (“Intervention Predicates,”) as cries for help - opportunities to both engage the homeless and return respect for the law on our streets.

All across California, people are concerned about homelessness. Like all issues,
there are two sides (or more) to the debate. One side primarily believes the government
should be more aggressive in making our streets safer for all people. The other side thinks
government should be more lenient, believing that economic hardships are the singular
cause. And everyone debates how best to engage those who are living on our streets.

EPA to accuse California of ‘significant' air and water problems


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