Michael Hastings Career & Death Psyop (Saintly Oswald)

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Video by Johnny Supertramp 10:
Published on 13 Jun 2018
This is an excellent video about the Michael Hastings psyop, his crafted career and death. I think this psyop was created as a form of intimidation to journalists, in the same way that CDC doctor Timothy Cunningham's fake suicide death was a form of intimidation to doctors (for unknown reasons). Aplaintruth says that this hoax is proof the government is coming to kill us all, but this video proves that this is just a hoax. This psyop shows how they can craft someones entire career and death, as a psyop, and that Anthony Bourdain's life and death, as with Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, also were crafted. Saintly Oswald was terminated on YouTube but is still making videos on Bitchute suscribe al 2º Canal de DAJORIVISION


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