NYPD Beat White Man with Mental Health Issues for Sitting on Subway

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The tyrants accused the white man of taking up two seats, even though it’s evident from the video that the train was mostly empty. As with all tyrants, they could not live with the idea of putting on their colors without brutalizing an innocent person, and this harmless guy with a mental deficiency was too easy a target to not exploit. The tyrants punched him, choked him and maced him, and proved that ACAB – not a single one did anything to stop the abuse.

The victim was initially charged with assault, but the charge was later reduced to resisting arrest and second degree assault. The chief abuser Adonis Long still has a job as a cop with NYPD, now encouraged to assault more white men and get away with it. The victim was identified as Joseph Troiano. He’s homeless, but probably won’t be for much longer. New Yorkers are likely to foot a multi-million dollar settlement.

WHY was she not fired and charged with a crime? This guy did NOTHING wrong except cross paths with this bitch! If it were the other way around you know BLM would be all in a twist over it.


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