Boston Bombing Hoax - Grifting "Strong"

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Here’s a little segment I completed for a Strong Hoax presentation I’m working on. The Boston Bombing in 2013 was a "Strong" Hoax. The Boston Bombing was the very first one to include sports teams and arenas/concerts to promote their psychological operations. What better way to psyop a captive audience and hustle goods to the goyim? Ever notice how all the teams wear "Strong" uniforms after a Hoax ( like Santa Fe May 2018)? Ever notice the ritual they conduct before the game? They have "a moment of silence" for the fake victims before the "game". They are receiving an avalanche of willful consent every time.
Kenneth Feinberg ✡️ organized the Boston One Fund in a day and created a mind blowing amount of merchandise to fleece the goyim. Every big corporation was happy to participate. They made 61 million dollars in 7 weeks and that grift is still going "Strong" today.
This is the "Merchandise" segment.
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