Vatican - Pope - US News USE LITTLE BOY in Sex Abuse Cover Up!

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over the top sick!!! the US national news shows, smiles, loves it too!!! Showing in the Vatican yesterday, a 6 years old boy 'stealing the stage' from the Pope...'STEALING THE STAGE'!!! YOU GET IT?! THAT IS SO SICK!!
in Houston yesterday, they seized CHURCH DOCUMENTS FROM Father Manuel about the church sex abuse/child rape report going on and being covered up...I show it here, you see it!! even Stormy Daniels is doing her job/part in assisting to 'steal the stage' from the church abuse report...this is REAL CHILD RAPE, SEXUAL MISCONDUCT COVER UP FOR DECADES AND NOW BEING HUSHED BY THE JEWS...I've shown that all already so I don't repeat that here.

I also show in this video that I feel another fake mass shooting is on the rise...I show why too in real time searching with you watching. thanks everyone...later!


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