Khashoggi - Israel Airbnb I Told YOU SO

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Hope Everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving, time off, time with family/friends!!

video summary:
no action taken on Khashoggi as Trump pardons the Turkey and the Saudi's at the same time!
Israel to use the US courts/judges/admin to go after Airbnb for removing their illegal settlements from they now want the US to create new legislation, ANTI-BDS LEGISLATION!!
new head of Interpol...South Korean appointed to deliver a 'blow' to Russia
Trump Jesuit/Zionist fake news going on: Cali Obama appointed Judge, asylum orders ban...Caravan Crisis bs...LGBT activism/protests now from Fla and more...DOW plunges, wipes out all year gains...Freemason Scott Kelly interviewed by CBS Anthony MASON lmao!!...Yemen, all about the children now!! smh...later everyone!


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