VAERS Reports Are Being Deleted at Staggering Amounts!

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VAERS sets another back to back weekly record for DELETED REPORTS. This deleted 1702 reports this week! Including ~63 DEATH reports now memory holed! ~105 Permanent Disabilities memory holed, ~54 Life Threatening events memory hold, ~210 Hospitalizations gone in just the last two weeks and without proper explanation and accountability as to why? Spot checking over two thousand reports, I can not find even 10% of a matching duplicate report. More VAERS allows themselves a very generous window of up to four to six weeks time to rigorously verify and authenticate claims/reports.... yet they still need to "delete" reports already published to the public domain? To date VAERS has deleted ~10,300 reports with 521 being DEATHS, 815 PERM DISABILITY, 561 LIFE THREATENING, and 1,720 HOSPITALIZATIONS...

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