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In order to pull off a school shooting hoax and make people believe the event was real there's one smart thing to do above anything else. That is, gain total control of the entire school's campus. Only insiders and crisis actors should be allowed on the campus and inside the buildings. The same principle applies to a movie set. Then the event goes off, everybody tells their scripted LIES and the MSM chops them up into little clips here & there to create the so called TRAGIC (BUT FAKE) event. They even participate to enhance the scripted story. Officials at all levels play along simply because they're paid off or maybe even black mailed to do so. At least 12 counties in Florida had 2/14 listed as early release day on their school calendars. The reason it was "not listed" was to make people think it was a normal day when in fact it was not. They simply moved the date up a few days. Don't believe anything you saw, heard or read about this event. Just another movie script and a bad one like all the others! When President Trump invited a bunch of crisis actors to the White House to tell a bunch of LIES, it was totally disgusting, unpatriotic and irresponsible.


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