The real face of communism - Holodomor

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This video, with the kind permission of, is an exception and a mirror of a video that was deleted last week, during the utube purge 2.0 in which it is said that 58 million videos were deleted during the first day of the purge alone. I wanted to link to the video during a discussion, but noticed that it was gone and could not find it anywhere else, on all of internet. However, I have been downloading videos as much as I possibly can during the past 5-6 months. I guess I felt what was comming. Since I had downloaded the video (for backup purposes) and with the kind permission and exception given from, I can now re-upload it here, and will hence be able to still link to the video when needed. The video it titled: The real face of communism-Holodomor.

At the same time, it hurts to see so many important videos being deleted from internet. I am glad that I spent so much time as I did, trying to download and backup as many important videos as I did, though there doesn't seem to be any safe place to reupload them (mirrors) since normally and primarily wants original creations (and not just mirrors), which I can also understand and respect.

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The footage has an English narrator. However, I notice now that the English subtitles when local witnesses speak, are missing (I may need to work on the translation of the full video then, but I still think the video helps to show that the holodomor was a real event, and not a fabricated lie as jews like to say, and these are real witnesses that speak about there experiences of it. And notice how different these people speak, compared to the so called jewish holocaust holohoax survivors). However, I was at least able to also download the video description, which is as follows:

Holodomor also known as Murder by starvation was an engineered famine that was operated in the Ukraine and parts of Russia during the years 1921-23,1932-33 and 1946-47. The planned deliberate genocide was concealed under Jewish Bolshevisms food requisition (seizures) programs. From the early 1920s onwards, many people were starving to death due to Bolshevik issues not to import any food into the Ukraine. People caught stealing even the smallest amount of food were executed. People who squatted on land seized by Jewish Bolsheviks were treated as treasonists. The death toll of ethnic Europeans in the Holodomor genocides was 16.5 million.

Jews today about Holodomor Genocides: A Jewish group in Ukraine is objecting to a criminal case brought over the Holodomor gonocide committed during in the 1930s. The nation's security service is pressing the case against a list of former Bolshevik officials accused of committing this Holodomor, which caused the deaths of millions in Ukraine in 1932-33. Most of the names on the list are Jewish and the Jewish tribe do not like being exposed as criminals. Ukrainian law-inventor Aleksandr Feldman, leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said last week that it was (start of qoute) a farce (end of qoute) to press the case. (Start of qoute) All organizers of the Great Famine are dead, (end of qoute) he said. Curiously this closely parallels the farce that took place in Nuremberg post WWII that murdered men that could expose the crimes actually being committed in the Ukraine from the early 1920s up to 1947. Last July, the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of highranking Bolshevik state and Communist Party officials -- as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Bolshevik Russia -- that essentially blamed Jews responsible for perpetrating and executing the genocides because most of the names on the list were Jewish.

The Ukrainian Jewish Committee wanted the secret service to revise the list because in its current form it provided proof of their Jewish domination and hatred of ethnic Europeans. Revising i.e removing some of the Jewish names and interspersing with European names would conceal this fact. Feldman believes there is a danger that the Holodomor Affair materials are being used for political purposes similar to the 70 years of Holocaust propaganda the Jewish occupied west has had to swallow.

In late May, security service head Valentin Nalivaychenko claimed at a meeting with representatives of the World Congress of Ukrainians that (start of qoute): Ukraine has collected enough evidence to bring a criminal case regarding the [genocidal] famines artificially produced by the Bolshevik regime and caused mass death of citizens. (end of qoute)

Through the World Congress of Ukrainians, Nalivaychenko turned to leading foreign lawyers with a request to help find out the circumstances connected with preparing and committing the genocides.


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