UNBELIEVABLE Gov. Forces Farms to Shut Down. Food Shortages Imminent

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MRR from ice age farmer /YT. Since we have had little post in 153 on this subject which IMO, will be a serious one VERY soon... I have added this. PLEASE pay attention and notice how this moves into the narrative. We have death bunnies now carrying some new strain of death bunny flu. We just had zoonose pig disease almost wipe the pork market out and has all but deadened it in the us of a. Same with poultry and an ATTEMPT to do same with beef. If you dont think this is a step away, the just stop now and close this page. If you know and understand, take some actions for you and yours. Provide staples that can be stored long times and dont brag to all about your cellar. Be aware how easy it is to kill a water system. etc etc... etc.. We have some time before next click on clock goes by. USE IT! PLEASE. May God Grace you and Bless you and yours. Cheers
No Fear- Eph 5:11 Eph 6:11 Salvation is for you 1Tim 4:9-11


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