Transgender Rights: The skeleton key of the left that says children need sex [changes]

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Coming soon to this channel an EPIC interview with professor James Fetzer that will not be forgotton!

Today Professor James Fetzer and Luke McKee the philosophy in motion of taxpayer-funded unadulterated satanic evil. In this in-depth interview we look at the lesbian-feminist rape lover staffed NSW Anti-Discrimination Board that was empowered by a majority of one vote in Australia and back up all claims with evidence from reliable sources.
Not only the normalization of pedophilia, but the rape of women and children too, and the rights of homosexuals to hand out HIV+ death sentences in their culture of death enshrined by blasphemy laws that makes criticizing all the before-mentioned evils as a homophobic hate crime.
Today we look at and in some case accidentally identify the actual victims of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board who not had their lives destroyed by laws forcing respect of those who identify as homosexuals who rape, pillage and murder, but those who had their lives destroyed through rape, child abuse, and HIV+ infection made only possible by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board policies being enacted first by the State of New South Wales, and how this evil seed has spread around Australia and the world. We expose it's the admitted policy of the Australian gay lobby / AIDS organizations that HIV+ seed must literally spread unopposed in their culture of death. They do not realize with the collapse of society brought about destroying the family unit, and the lives of women and children will quicken their demise when the socialized health system fails and can no longer delay the onset of full-blown AIDS and their slow death.
We will not only name the victims, but we will also name the perpetrators. We will talk about Dr Elizabeth Riley formally of the Gender Centre Inc who advocates that a demographic (transgender) the left (Guardian Newspaper) admits is 50 times more likely to spread AIDS must be let loose in woman's prisons with their male sex organs, and who last month was in the news for telling teachers “how to spot transgender children” [ who need to be castrated without parents permission according to Inner City Legal Centre policy documents ] in government schools prompting criticism from the Australian Prime Minister. We will also look at the shocking deeds of Australia's national gay hero and leader of Australian Gay Lobby Christopher Puplick AM, who lost his job leading the ADB for fabricating gay hate crimes so his boyfriend “Bunny” could repay loans. He defended Robert “Dolly” Dunn a Catholic priest with an adult gay partner Colin Fisk of which who was just in the news last week for raping more children after being paroled without proper monitoring. He also said it's a crime for the media to criticize Muslim grooming gangs who rape young women a decade ago before that became a big thing in England with his report “Race to the Headlines” saying it's racist to be against the white women being raped by Muslim gangs, and how he used his public offices to fund the chicks with dicks must go to women's prisons policy through the before-mentioned gender centre, and cover up the rape after it occurred earning an Order of Australia medal in the process before going on to literally write the book on Gay Marriage for Australian Gay Marriage equality as their greatest gay guru. Next, we'll talk we'll talk about the plight of Christian blogger John Sunol who is being prosecuted all the way to the NSW Supreme Court just for being associated with Luke McKee who published a blog post that was critical of Robert “Dolly” Dunn and Noel Crompton Hall homosexual rapists being protected and enabled by the state. Since the court case began there has been more collateral damage caused by Robert “Dolly” Dunn's boyfriend and Noel Crompton aka Maddison Hall to the community's women and children. That's right! Since our 'don't blaspheme the gay rapists' court case began more women and children have been raped and infected by HIV+ by the very same state-sponsored elite gay pedophile actors that we criticized in the first instance. Yet the case goes on. We lift the veil on the Masonic_Jewish judiciary exposing both the applicant infant sex normalization activist Garry Burns and the judge's connections to Mason Temple / Ordo Templi Orientis satanic pedophile cult by their own admissions on social media. Finally we expose that the interviewee Luke McKee is wanted for arrest by Huffington Posts' “Queer Hero” Ben Bjarsen a QLD special gay police officer who was at the time Facebook friends with a gay pedophile @TwoDadsAndMe Matthew James “ABC TV” covered in a previous episode and how he was literal poster-boy (hint:adshell) for the QLD AIDS Council. Matthew was facing child abuse charges at the time Ben charged me showing a massive conflict of interest. Police shouldn't be Facebook friends with organized crime any more than special gay cops should be friends with pedophiles it's a breech of the public trust and should disqualify them from service. Why should the latter be treated with impunity? Merely asking on the phone the QLD's AIDS council to distance itself from their “Slurp Marriage Equality Tea” aka @slurptea1 campaign and it's funding ran by the ex FBI child porn fugitive Dr Matthew Hynd an Australian trans-humanist public speaker who presently is in jail in NY for child porn production and donate all gay pedophile raised slurp marriage equality tea proceeds to a child protection charity has the same effect as calling a SWAT team on your house. The head of the QLD AIDS council said it was extortion to ask the gay lobby to distance itself from the fact that pedophiles go out of their way to support gay marriage and the would fight tooth and nail to hold onto every confirmed gay pedophile dollar they can get their hands on to support the Gay Marriage cause which shows us that that the pedophilia and the state-funded gay political lobby aka “AIDS councils” are one by their reporting my polite phone call to QLD special gay police - who agreed pedophiles and their gay political movement are one and all who oppose their unholy union must be hunted down by the gay pedophile protectors who carry Glock 22 semi-automatic pistols & are praised by the left. Matthew James boyfriend had a crowd-funded political campaign on gofundme to get him out of jail ran by the QLD Government website ( praised Head of PFLAG Australia (Parents of Gays and Lesbians) Shelly Argent showing that gay political lobby stands for the right of gay parents to get off child rape charges. The proof will also be provided Luke's father was prosecuted by the ADB for linking to a video that predicted Matthew was a pedophile before his partner was charged with child abuse. It will end with a photo montage of Matthew James hugging QLD child protection minister, being praised by child protection NGOs in puff videos and even posing with the former prime John Howard proving beyond all reasonable doubt all facets of the state are about protecting themselves the pedophiles - via force of arms (special sodomite police and legislation (special satanic homosexual staffed courts - @NCATNSW / @nodiscrim). We also mention how the Federal Government gets on the act ruling downloading child porn isn't a blemish on your character if you identify as gay by the fact Matthew Hynd's partner is in Australia still contrary to section 501 of the migration act that say the visa sponsor must be of good character like the recepient. Gay pedophile “+1” pedophile visas exist and how leaders of the Greens Party Lee Rhiannon and 230k Australian homosexuals rallied to the cause of Matthew Hynd aka @slurptea1 before his deportation on US child porn charges.
The “hojuruku” channel has the youtube censored presentations including one forensically exposing Garry Burns himself threatening by name to rape, sodomize and murder a female anti-pedophilia activist in St Petersberg showing just how much gay icons love the idea of rape, sodomy and murder and express it openly. Big Tech has the same ethos as the Australian government everything gays do is wonderful and whatever they do to woman and children is so rainbow wonderful that it is blasphemy to criticize it so all dissent must be censored. FYI: Homosexuality doesn't exist. It's just perversion that has no limits not even confined by their own gender or sex or age they claim they are attracted to as evident by this presentation.


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