What color should a nuclear explosion be?

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Most of the nuclear explosion pictures and videos that you see, if they are in color, show an orange or yellow color, with some black smoke. Nuclear experts claimed that the Little Boy explosion reached 6000 C on the ground. They claim that a nuclear explosion is brighter than the sun. Problem is, a yellowish color indicates a relatively low temperature hydrocarbon flame.

The acetylene burning in air is yellow. Acetylene alone doesn’t melt the little tip sticking up from the shard of Corel ware dinner plate. Adding oxygen to the mix turns the flame blue. it’s now hotter, and melts the dinner plate.

Here’s a simple demonstration. Not very well narated, I’ll admit. But it shows that a yellow flame is lower temperature. When oxygen is added to the fuel, the temperature goes up, and the flame turns blue.

This indicates that the nuclear explosions are faked by burning some sort of hydrocarbon in air. The so called nuclear explosions have a resemblance to napalm, which is basically gasoline mixed with a few things.



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