Nicaragua Expels the OAS, No More Yankee Imperialism

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Nicaragua Expels the OAS, No More Yankee Imperialism

The People and Government of Nicaragua have denounced and continue to denounce, the shameful condition of one of the Political Instruments of intervention and domination of the State Department of the Government of the United States, wrongly and falsely called the Organization of American States.
The People and Government of Nicaragua do not and will not recognize this Instrument of Colonial Administration, which does not represent at any time, the Sovereign Union of Our Latin and Caribbean America, and that on the contrary, is an Instrument of Yankee Imperialism to violate Rights and Independences, sponsoring and promoting interventions and invasions,
legitimizing coups in different formats and modalities with the aim, which they have not accomplished, of disintegrating through humiliation, submission and surrender of our National Sovereignties.
We ratify our unwavering decision to leave the OAS, as expressed on 19th November, 2021, and by confirming our irrevocable denunciation and resignation, before this calamitous, truculent and lying dependency of the State Department of Yankee Imperialism. We also communicate that as of this date, we cease to form part of all the deceitful Mechanisms of this monstrosity, be it the Permanent Council, Commissions, Meetings or Summit of the Americas.
We withdraw the Credentials of our Representatives, Comrades Orlando Tardencilla, Iván Lara and Michael Campbell. We will not have a presence
in any of the instances of that diabolical Instrument of evil called OAS; plagued by insults, offenses, indignities, calamities and aggressions that do not reflect at any time or circumstance, the National Values and Interests of Honor, Glory and Victories. Consequently, neither will this infamous Organization have Offices in our Country. Its local headquarters has been closed.
Nicaragua is not a colony of anyone, therefore it is not part of a Ministry of Colonies. By denouncing and renouncing this infernal Mechanism, from which we withdraw immediately in absolute Dignity, we ratify, Yes, our Respect, Affection and Recognition to Heroic Cuba and Venezuela and to the Peoples who bravely wage their struggles and who have accompanied us and continue to accompany us, in the Battles that have been fought and are being fought, for
Justice, the Rights of the Peoples, Sovereignty, Dignity and Peace.
We feel freed from the repeated insolence of the Yankee State Department employees who represent there, the servility, lackeyism, subservience, decrepitude and decadence of a lackluster Institutionality, reduced by servitude to the Yankees.
Managua, 24th April, 2022 Government of Reconciliation and National Unity
Republic of Nicaragua


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