Author Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman of "Cancer Can Be Killed" #VLTV Exclusive

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Author Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman of "Cancer Can Be Killed" #VLTV Exclusive
[MIRROR] fromVicturus Libertas VLTV
Published on Jan 9, 2019

Jeff Witzeman has been an actor, writer, and musician before launching his first film, Cancer Can Be Killed in 2017. The award winning documentary has now been seen over 100,000 times on Amazon Prime Videos and has been the inspiration for thousands of patients being healed.

Three months after releasing Cancer Can Be Killed, parents of children with cancer, started calling Jeff to find out why they were being forced into 2-4 years of chemotherapy, even though their children were in remission. This sent Jeff on a new quest to find out why no doctor or attorney would represent these families to stop protocols that were killing and maiming more children than helping. In the process of making the film, an answer was found, one that will most certainly change childhood cancer treatment forever.

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